Welcome to…Aldwych

“Welcome to…” is a series of guided walks led by a man who knows little or nothing about the location in which the walk takes place. “Welcome to Aldwych” invites local inhabitants to construct a guided-walk of their own area. Bragging, confessions, digressions, ear-bendings, facts & figures, hidden histories, information, opinions, picaresque peregrinations, rants, raves & reminiscences, shaggy-dog stories, tall-tales and urban myths combine to present an alternative narrative to the ‘official’ guided walk or tour.

Walk Leader: Mark Hunter
(Deputy Dean, Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries, Middlesex University London, co-founder of the Walking Artists’ Network and Principal Investigator of the AHRC-funded ‘Footwork – the Walking Artists Network as Mobile Community’)

Image: © Walking Artists Network