What is The Culture Capital Exchange?


The Culture Capital Exchange is a membership organisation born out of the hugely successful London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange (LCACE). We are unique and committed to promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise by providing a vital network between Higher Education, business and the cultural and creative sectors across London to mutual benefit. We bring the best ideas and talent together and encourage them to develop.


How do you programme the Inside Out Festival?


We actively solicit ideas for activities from across our members and encourage a highly diverse range of content.


There seems to be only a limited amount of information currently available on the website?


The Inside Out Festival is an ever-changing website: we are constantly adding new events to the website. Do check regularly to find out about the latest news and events and have all the details you need to book.


How do I become a volunteer for Inside Out Festival?


We will be happy to have you helping out our team! Please email info@tcce.co.uk to get in touch and find out how you can help.


How do I book tickets for The Culture Capital Exchange and Inside Out Festival events?


You can book tickets for TCCE’s events and Inside Out Festival events through our  festival website.


How do we become a member of The Culture Capital Exchange and what are the benefits?


The Culture Capital Exchange aims to be a ‘complete networked environment’ for knowledge exchange and research collaboration across Higher Education and with the cultural and creative sectors, and other relevant business sectors. We operate on the principles of trust, accountability, personal relationship building and being responsive.
If you would like to discuss membership of The Culture Capital Exchange and the potential benefits for your organisation, please contact either Suzie Leighton on suzie@tcce.co.uk or Evelyn Wilson on evelyn@tcce.co.uk.

How can I keep informed about your activities?


The Culture Capital Exchange produces a free monthly e-newsletter. You can subscribe to the e-newsletter here. We also have an ever changing website with content about events at our universities.