Reciprocal structures: conversations in light and sound

This immersive performance, inspired by conversations with physicist Sir Michael Berry, will explore the connections between waves and rays in light and sound. This new approach to composition was developed during a TCCE-led Exchange funded project collaboration between composer Dr Scott McLaughlin and glass artist Dr Shelley James.

The performance will be followed by a chaired discussion, by Dr Kate Dunton (Research & Education Manager,  Cultural Institute, King’s College London) to explore insights from this project for interdisciplinary practice and knowledge exchange.

Dr Shelley James, glass artist and 
Dr Scott Mclaughlin, composer, Leeds University

With thanks to TCCE, Sir Michael Berry and Rex Lawson

reciprocalstructures blogspot


Image credit: ‘Reciprocal structures: caustics 2 glass and light’ by Michael Coldwell 2016
Shelley James portrait image by Elizabeth Loudon 2016
Scott McLaughlin portrait image: by Michael Coldwell