Collidoscope ++

Join Hazar Emre Tez to sample Collidoscope – everyone welcome!

Collidoscope++ is a collaborative music instrument that allows people to make music together by enabling them to record sounds and explore these bits of sounds in an interactive way. It is designed to be explored in collaboration, and up to four participants can simultaneously collaborate as explorers, sound designers and performers. Anybody can walk up and freely play it with anybody else around to jam with each other or challenge each other in creative ways.

Participants do not need to have experience in music. Playing this instrument is absolutely fun and interesting for anybody from novice to expert.

I am altering the design features of the original Collidoscope by adding features to enable players to share and exchange audio bits in different interactive ways. I aim to learn more about music collaboration and design a more in-depth study with the help of this exhibition.