TIN Pieces

‘TIN Pieces’ is a playful evening of improvised performance by members of the TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network (TIN) based at Middlesex University and their guests.

Exploring processes of instant composition, within and across dance, music and theatre the event promises to be a lively celebration of all things spontaneous. The evening is shaped through a chain like structure in which ‘scored’ improvisation pieces are linked by open ‘riffing’ spaces and interactions with the audience, who will have opportunities to instruct and shape the performances.

Including world class performers in Music (Ben Dwyer, Garth Knox, Jonathan Impett and Simon Limbrick), Dance (Susanne Martin, Jovair Longo, Helen Kindred)  and Performance (anthologyofames collective), TIN pieces emerge from shared interests in improvisatory processes and play, feedback loops, fear and vulnerability, touch and embodied knowing.


Move On, Move On, Move On
This duet is danced, thought, felt, imagined, intended, attended to, found, realised, remembered, tracked, planned, encountered by Jovair Longo and Susanne Martin.

en-dedans, en-dehors
This can be interpreted as the interface between an interior space and an exterior space. Four individual composer-performers create these spaces, internal and external, peripheral and interpenetrating. Different sound types – plucked, bowed, blown, beaten – add a sonic dimension to the notion of intersectionality in time and motion where dialogues and monologues allow individual voices intermingle with collective statement.
Performed by Jonathan Impett (trumpet), Garth Knox (viola), Simon Limbrick (percussion) & Benjamin Dwyer (guitar).

Gjendin Ridge
Gjendin Ridge by anthologyofamess is a place for telling tales, lies, fabrications, half-truths and illusions with all the full force of truth as if they were nature’s. Here the air is thin. There is danger and thrill. And while a look could kill, cruelty knows its flippant, skittish and joyful place.

An instantly choreographed piece made with dance and poetry and other things.

By performers:
Antonio de la Fe: Fibber
Petra Söör: Owl
Mariana Camilotti: Under the Bed
Robert Vesty:Valley

knowing | unknown
A series of questions are posed through this duet between Ben Dwyer and Helen Kindred which seek to diminish binaries of subject | object, time | space through an exploration of embodied identities.  Working from a primordial frame of what we know (practice) and what we do not know (other) knowing | unknown offers the possibility of re-situating a language for articulating the transaction between.

‘The HOST’
Vida L Midgelow. Dance Artist/Academic, Vida L Midgelow is Professor of Dance and Choreographic Practices at Middlesex University.


Susanne Martin (Berlin) is an artist, researcher and teacher in the field of contemporary dance.

Jovair Longo is a London based dance professional originally from Brazil.

Antonio de la Fe  is a Spanish choreographer and performer based in London with a background in physiotherapy.

Petra Söör. Swedish/Italian Petra is a performer and dance maker trained at London Contemporary Dance School (2002-6).

Mariana Camilotti. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mariana is a versatile dance artist with broad experience in creative collaborations.

Robert Vesty is a performer, lecturer and Feldenkrais practitioner living and working in London.

Helen Kindred, joined the dance faculty at Middlesex University in 2007 as a Lecturer teaching Release-based dance technique and choreography, having worked extensively as a performer, choreographer and community dance practitioner both in the UK and overseas before this.

Benjamin Dwyer’s music is forged from an intensive amalgamation of technical, improvisatory and interpretative elements.

Garth Knox studied at the Royal College of Music in London with Fredrick Riddle, where he won several prizes for viola and for chamber music.

Jonathan Impett was previously Head of Music at the University of East Anglia, and is currently Associate Professor at Middlesex University, London.

Simon Limbrick’s involvement in music embraces performance, composing and education.

Image credit: Peter Gomes