The Verbatim Formula

Can I ask you some questions?

Working with Queen Mary, University of London and People’s Palace Projects, looked after children have interviewed adults from inside the care system. Witness them perform their research in the exploration of a formula for change. Through this innovative use of verbatim practice, children use performance to ask questions, create dialogue and stimulate change.

Are you ready to answer their questions? 

The Verbatim Formula is part of Creative Acts, a collaborative project between Queen Mary University of London, People’s Palace Projects, the Greater London Authority Peer Outreach Team, and young people with experience of care. At the event, our young researchers will perform testimony of their own experience and of adults involved in the care system. Audience members will also be asked to participate in the research by participating in interviews with the young people.

The project aims to support looked after children (14-18 years old) in increasing their confidence to express their experiences and aspirations for the future, to improve dialogue between children and care providers, and in stimulating systemic change.

Maggie Inchley and Sylvan Baker
Maggie Inchley is a lecturer in Drama at Queen Mary University of London, and Sylvan Baker is an applied practitioner at People’s Palace Projects. In this project they are joined by young people with experience of the care system as participants and co-researchers.

Please note: This event is not suitable for persons under 7 years of age.

Image credit: Sylvan Baker

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