Out of the 50s into the 60s: Art School Experiments in Art & Design

‘Art School Experiments in Art & Design’ features rare archive footage from the 1951 Festival of Britain, the annual New Years Eve Chelsea Arts Ball, 1960s Youth Design Fashion Contest in St Gallen, Switzerland, art school life and 60s experiments in animation, art and design.

The screened material shows how the art school was central to the postwar social and cultural revolution that still marks life in Britain today.

Screenings will be followed by discussion on the character of the art school then and now.

  • Professor Fran Lloyd, art historian and curator
  • Dr. Robert Knifton, researcher on Histories in the Making: 140 Years of Kingston School of Art

With special thanks to David Kew, Independent film maker

Image Credit: Tim Walmsley and Carolyn Mackwood, Graphic Design studios at Knights Park, Kingston Polytechnic, c.1976. Image courtesy Carolyn Mackwood

              At Somerset House