Climate Change – Designing for a new Reality

Have you anything to declare about your climate change customs? Visit our pop-up studio on the South Bank!

LAUNCH EVENT - THU 22 OCT - 6.30pm
OPEN STUDIO - FRI 23 OCT & SAT 24 OCT 11am – 6pm

Friday 23 Oct - Information Day:
Our pop-up studio will be open to the public with a series of public events and talks – please drop by!

11am - Ninela Ivanova speaks about her work in sustainable fashion

12.30pm - Language learners from EF Russell Square visit for an exchange on the language of climate

2pm - Alex Reynolds talks on ‘Design, Dialogue and the Digital: Using Collaborative Online Platforms for the Social Good’

3.30pm - Jess Smulders Cohen introduces her film ‘Fibreshed for London’.

Saturday 24 Oct - Participation Day:
Our pop-up studio will be testing out methods of public engagement around climate change: please drop by and take part.

With thanks to:
Helen Storey Foundation
The Culture Capital Exchange
Whole Earth? / Hard Rain project

“Act, like we have just enough time. Live, like it runs out today”
Helen Storey

Globally we already consume 30% more resources each year than our planet can replenish. If everyone consumed at European rates we would need three planets, and if everyone consumed at American rates we would need five. We know this can’t continue which is why we have to ask ourselves, what can we do now to safeguard our future survival?

Together we can start to make sense of what climate change means to us…

Working to a design brief devised with Helen Storey Foundation, students from MA Sustainable Design at Kingston University will be running an open pop-up studio and exhibition to visualise what sustainability in the face of climate change looks like, and to test ways of recording the public responses to the issues we face around climate and sustainability. The techniques trialled at the open studio will then feed into Helen Storey’s wider project, raising awareness of climate change issues.

Helen Storey Foundation is a London based project funded not for profit arts organisation, inspiring new ways of thinking across art, science, design and technology. It is led by award-winning social artist and designer, Helen Storey MBE RDI.

MA Sustainable Design at Kingston University is run by Dr Paul Micklethwaite. The course focuses on the value of design as a vehicle for addressing social and ecological concerns in both developed and developing world settings.

This event is organised in collaboration with Dr Robert Knifton from the Research Department of Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. Over the past year, Robert has been working closely with Helen Storey Foundation, establishing digital design archives related to HSF’s practice.

With support from Creativeworks London.

Image credit: Helen Storey Foundation, ‘A Dress for our Time’ Installation at Dorich House Museum, February 2015. Image by Ezzidin Alwan / Kingston University

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