What happens in the body and the mind of a young man with a deadly disease? This powerful performance portrays the extreme bodily experience of someone going through the most aggressive cancer treatment: a stem cell transplant.

Bloodlines was created by Chimera, a team of artists, medics and researchers, including a leukaemia survivor and his transplant donor. The makers will reflect on the project in a post-show discussion that covers cancer, the arts and medical science, and the social value of research.

Post-performance discussion with:

Dr Alex Mermikides (Kingston University, Drama)
Dr Milton Mermikides (University of Surrey, Music)
Adam Kirkham (choreographer/dancer)
Rebecca Seymour (performer/trained doctor)
Viv Rocha (dancer)
Anna Tanczos (Scicomms Studios)
Andrew Nasrat (Kingston University, Drama)

Performance: 30 mins
Discussion and Q&A:  45 mins

This event is suitable for people 12 years and over.
Drinks will be available for purchase before and after the show.

The development of bloodlines was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Image credit: Richard Lane