TCCE in partnership with the British Academy presents ‘Artists in the Academy’

Presented in partnership with The British Academy

At a time when universities are exploring new ways to maximise the impact of their research and connect themselves to the wider world in increasingly dynamic and unexpected ways, it appears that universities are also signalling a desire to bring the work of arts practitioners into the academy.

Whilst it is widely accepted that practitioners are the life blood of our arts schools and conservatoires, it has not been as common to find artists working in other disciplines within the academy. However, this now appears to be changing with the flows between research and the arts becoming stronger and better articulated.

What does this shift tell us and why is it taking place? Is this work happening throughout the academic sector or only in particular contexts? What values and benefits do artists and cultural practitioners bring to the academy?

How do artists and researchers actually work together and what differences do cross-discipline approaches make to outcomes?  How are these collaborations made public? Do researchers and artists feel their work is somehow better validated – made more glamourous or intellectually intriguing – through working together?

This provocative panel discussion sets out to explore the questions above.

Chair – Deborah Bull, Director, Cultural Partnerships, King’s College London

Participants to include:
Tony White Novelist
Jasmin Vardimon Choreographer
Di Mainstone  Visual artist
Professor Philip Crang Royal Holloway University of London
Dr Dominic Johnson Queen Mary, University of London

‘Human Harp’ Image, taken by Martin Noboa (featuring dancer Hollie Miller pictured on the Brooklyn Bridge)

British Academy