Seat of Wisdom

A small group of dedicated artists working in the school of Art and Design at Middlesex have sought out and secured a comfortable, yet portable chair; a seat of wisdom.

Their purpose is to create a travelling ‘fourth plinth’ of sorts, a modern day soapbox, a platform from which to educate our next generation of artists. Throughout the day the ‘seat’ will be carried between cultural venues across London. Then, set down and offered up whenever an opportunity arises to learn from anyone willing to sit and profess their ideas about the role and position of art in contemporary society.

The artists, in their rambling pursuit of wisdom, will give a place and time for the democratisation of thought leadership. By presenting the chair as a symbol of academic authority, the group invite influence from all and everyone.

Interestingly, there has been talk of other chairs appearing and other artists emulating the action in order to broaden the search.

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Image by Kerri Jefferis

Middlesex University