G.Hack presents: Women + Science = The Future

G.Hack is a women-only hacking club founded by the electronic engineering and computer science research students at Queen Mary, University of London. The aims of the group are: sharing skills, working collaboratively on interactive media projects and teaching other women how to do fun stuff with technology! 

Come along, meet the members of G.Hack and take part in some or all of the following activities:

  • Travel through contemporary London tea culture using a touch table navigated with a tea pot with computer scientist Nicola Plant (Sound Mapping London Tea Houses)
  • Find out about physical computing and electronic textiles over an augmented cup of tea used in For Two from technologist Nanda Khaorapapong & e-textiles expert Berit Greinke
  • Put on an oven glove and have a conversation with the Talking Quilt (a hand-made textiles quilt augmented with RFID technology) with Ludic technology designer Sara Heitlinger
  • Join a playful workshop exploring temporal memory run by games design guru Pollie Barden (Firefly). Firefly will run from 14.30-16.30 as a drop-in session.
  • Schedule an appointment at the Tech Clinic with Nela Brown, human -computer interaction ‘doctor in training’A surgery for self-proclaimed non-technical types (we can’t all be geeks!) who grapple with computers/mobile devices on daily basis but end up feeling like the tail’s wagging the dog. If you find yourself putting that list of computer ‘need-to-knows’ to the bottom of your to-do pile but really want to do something about it, here’s your chance. Bring in the technology which you are having problems with or would like to learn more about (laptops, software, mobile devices etc.) and talk it through and work it out at Tech Clinic. Click here to book.

Please note that G:Hack presents: Women + Science = The Future is a drop-in event, apart from Tech Clinic for which time slots must be booked between 12.00 and 14.00 and from 14.30 – 16.30. Please book here.

This is a G:Hack event with Creativeworks London at Inside Out Festival.