Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion

Framed! explores the cultural significance of contemporary eyewear and celebrates the rise and rise of fashion’s ultimate luxury accessory. Charting eyewear’s historical development from the mid-twentieth century until the present day, its role in fashion and popular culture is explored via the use of iconic archival objects and imagery.

The potential for eyewear to be more than just a practical solution for poor eyesight and a chance to make a personal style statement was recognised as early as the late 1600s by eyewear firms such as C.W. Dixey & Son who would incorporate diamonds and platinum into visual aides and produce lavish one-off pieces for Europe’s royalty. With the introduction of the National Health Service Act (1948) standarised spectacles were made available free of charge to the public. However some opticians and makers, including Oliver Goldsmith, Pierre Marly and Wilhelm Anger, continued to experiment with materials and styles, responding to the public’s desire for the new and unusual.

Visitors will need to sign in with the reception at London College of Fashion before they can make their way to the gallery.

Photo credit: ‘Moscot Shop at 119 Orchard, New York 1932′, Image courtesy of Moscot

Please be aware that this exhibition runs from 12 September to 3 November 2012.